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    Use the following format to write your Application (You may also write an own format, just coping is lame.. But it needs to include the same points).

    • For which Server are you applying?
    • For what Role are you applying?
    • How much experience do you have executing the tasks the Role you are applying for has? (Include everything you have.. Does not matter if it was a different Role either)
    • If you already have experience, where did you gain it? (Which Server/Network or wherever else you had your Role)
    • Why should we take you over others?
    • Tell us a bit about you.
    • Discord is required : What's your Discord Name+#?

    Please do also include your first name, age, country you live in and languages you speak.

    With writing an Application, you accept that anyone on this Forum may be able to read your Application.

    After you posted your Application, you have 15 Minutes to edit it, then it's not possible anymore. You are also not able to reply to it.

    Do NOT write multiple Applications or you will get rejected instantly! Also do NOT write a new appeal if you were rejected and we did not tell you to write a new one.
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