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Discussion in 'News' started by Nick, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Dear Visitors,

    Welcome to the Forum!
    To clarify any questions about why this Forum exists and for what it should be used, please continue reading.

    Update: Our Server list has launched:

    Questions you might ask:

    • What is NickCloud?
      Very simple, a (soon) multi-(game)-server network. We already host a Garry's Mod TTT(2) Server with a successful playerbase and soon other Servers may follow (Minecraft for example).
    • Why this Forum?
      Well, that's actually a good question. We currently use our Discord server as "Forum" to provide Support and take suggestions from players. We just thought that Discord is not a perfect solution for this. It's meant to be used for casual talk or chatting.
    • What possibilities do we have to Talk?
      Well.. what you want. You can of course use our Discord, what we of course recommend, but you can use everything you want, but we only have our official Discord.

    So for now, have fun on our Services!
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