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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nick, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Please follow the following "rules" when posting (a) suggestion(s) in this Forum!

    • For what Server is the suggestion?
    • Are you sure your suggestion is not yet implemented?
    • Are you sure there is no other thread with the same or similar suggestion?
    • Is your suggestion free? Does it require paid software?
    • If your suggestions is, for example, an Add-on, where is it available?
    • Are you sure your suggestion is compatible with everything we have? (Of course you can't know everything we use, but at least you should check basic things like "for what version of the game an Add-on is and what version we currently have").
    • Why should we implement your suggestion?

    Do NOT write multiple suggestion threads for the same suggestion! Also check if your suggestion was already mentioned in another thread!

    If your suggestion(s) got rejected, do NOT write the same again for about 2 months.
Thread Status:
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